Hello, I'm Shihab

I'm a frontend developer. Building 🌈 UI using modern frontend tools, for nearly 6 years. Currently working at Salesforce ☁️. I am stack and tech agnostic, but a true JS enthusiast 💓.


Member of Technical Staff @ Salesforce


Salesforce ☁️ is the biggest CRM company in the world. We help marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams work as one from anywhere.

I am part of the Hyperforce team. Hyperforce will empower Salesforce customers to securely deploy Salesforce apps and services from anywhere, while using the scale and agility of the public cloud.

My team was working on the tools to orchestrate and manage the deployments. For frontend development, we used Salesforce's UI framework called Lightning Web Components.

SDE II @ Dunzo


Dunzo is the new name for India's hyper-local delivery platform. We help people to get things Dun! 👍.

With a growing network of delivery partners, currently we operate in 7 major Indian cities. Monthly we see +1.5Mn transactions on our platform.

I work on Dunzo web, the design system and Google Spot apps. Being India's first Google-backed startup, I was able to work on a lot of 😎 Google things.

Frontend developer @ Bounce


Bounce 🛵 is a Bangalore-based bike rental platform. We operate +50K electric and gasoline dock-less scooters in nearly three dozen Indian cities. Bounce is unique with its pick-up and drop-anywhere model.

At Bounce, we were building a task engine to monitor and manage cluster-level operations. I was also working on internal dashboards and monitoring tools for the Operations team.

Software engineer @ QuEST Global


QuEST Global 🌐 is a pioneer in engineering services sector. We served many engineering verticals, from defence to aerospace, from mechanical to electrical, and from software to transportation. QuEST has a vivid customer base, which includes bigger names in the market like GE, Pratt & Whitney, Airbus and Bombardier, to name a few.

The journey at QuEST was eventful. It helped me to explore different tech stacks and tools. The plethora of projects helped me learn and explore a lot.








Redux Saga

React Native

Styled Components



Tailwind css







Contact me

If you find my work interesting, feel free to ping me. Let's us stay connected on LinkedIn. I don't mind a few ⭐️ on my Git. I pen on Dev.to, and I would love to read your comments.

Build using Tailwind css and Next.js.